Timbuktu Capital Management, LLC offers financial planning and investment advice. (Financial planning includes tax planning, insurance planning, retirement planning and estate planning. Financial planning services may include consultations and/or written plans, which analyze a client’s financial situation and makes appropriate recommendations for strategies and methods of implementation of the strategies.)

Timbuktu Capital Management, LLC provides financial planning and investment management to individuals, families and their related entities, trusts and estates, pension plans, and family businesses. Timbuktu Capital Management, LLC works with clients to define financial objectives and to develop strategies for reaching these objectives, some of which may include: identification of financial problems, cash flow and budget management, tax planning, risk exposure review, investment management, education funding, retirement planning, estate planning, charitable goals, special needs planning, family business succession issues, business management issues, business planning, fringe benefits, and/or other issues specific to the client.

Timbuktu Capital Management, LLC’s compensation is solely from fees paid directly by clients. The firm does not receive commission based on the client’s purchase of any financial products, including insurance. No commissions in any form are accepted. No referral fees are paid or accepted. No benefits are received from custodians/broker-dealers based on the client securities transactions (“no soft dollar benefits”).

Assets under the direct management of Timbuktu Capital Management, LLC are held by independent custodians, including TD Ameritrade, TIAA-CREF, Vanguard, Fidelity, Schwab or others, in the client’s name. Timbuktu Capital Management, LLC does not act as custodian of client’s assets, although we may at times be considered by the regulatory agencies to technically have “custody” over certain types of accounts held at independent custodians.


It is our aim to become a premier financial management company for any investor, but most particularly we aim to be the premier financial management company serving immigrant communities. We will always provide the best financial management service possible at the lowest possible cost.

We always provide dependable and independent financial advice that is focused on the interests of our clients. We understand that each of our clients and their families have unique financial service requirements, and we help them develop and implement financial plans that are well tailored to fit their particular and individual needs.

It is an article of faith for us that financial planning and investment advice should not be expensive.


Investment Manager: Ousmane Diagne

Ousmane Diagne has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from Lafayette College, Easton PA. During his university studies Mr. Diagne recognized that his career would be in the world of investment and finance. While completing his engineering degree program, he also took numerous courses on finance, business, and investment to earn a degree in Economics and Business. Upon graduation he joined Charles Schwab, Inc., where he continued his studies in finance and financial management. He worked for several years as a trader, accumulating the market and investment knowledge and experience that are necessary to offer a complete package of financial management skills to his clients. The company weathered the difficulties of the recent recession, emerging stronger than ever.