We look for the most cost-efficient investment options based on our analysis of your financial situation, goals and current economic trends.

Our approach is conservative, focusing on preservation of capital, while seeking means for maximizing return. In brief, the following steps characterize our system of financial planning.

As a small investment advisory firm, we focus on making our clients happy with our service. We do not advertise and depend on referrals for most of our new business.

“We stand by the integrity of the services we provide.”

We believe in doing what it takes to preserve your trust.

We are passionate about your well-being and financial health.

We strive to foster a personal relationships with you to better meet your needs.


We provide personalized money management services aimed at achieving superior investment performance while preserving capital. Our portfolios are individually managed according to your income needs, risk tolerance, and tax considerations. We will work with you to provide unbiased advice and service.

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When we build a financial plan we focus on what is best for you. We do not accept a commission but charge a flat fee so that your interest and ours are aligned. We will take a broad look at your overall financial health and bring in experts if necessary to help you achieve your goals.


Consulting for Individuals

  • We provide detailed credit counseling and cash management advice
  • We facilitate an introduction to the US stock market through seminars
  • We conduct a careful review of your financial statements
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