Our Philosophy

Dependable. Independent. Affordable. Learn more about our philosophy as we serve you and holistically consider your financial needs.

Portfolio Management

Our portfolio management service includes the set up and management of the following accounts:

  •         401K Plans, 403b Plans, 457 Plans
  •         IRAs: Traditional, ROTH, SEP, INHERITED
  •         Brokerage Accounts: Individual & Joint Accounts
  •         Company 401K Plans, ESOPs

Financial Planning

Our Financial Planning service covers the following areas:

  •         Tax Planning
  •         Insurance Planning
  •         Retirement Planning
  •         Estate Planning
  •         Debt Management
  •         Business Planning
  •         Income Growth Planning

Financial Planning services may include consultations and/or written plans that analyze a client’s financial situation.  We then make appropriate recommendations for strategies and methods of implementation of the strategies.

Timbuktu Capital Management, LLC offers Portfolio Management, Financial Planning, and Investment Management.

Investment Manager

Ousmane Diagne, CFA

Ousmane Diagne, CFA, an investment manager and principal of Timbuktu Capital Management, LLC, brings over 15 years of expertise in trading, capital management, and finance.


Financial Planning and Investment Management

We work with:

  •         Individuals
  •         Families and Related Entities
  •         Trusts and Estates
  •         Pension Plans
  •         Family Businesses


We help define and develop strategies to reach financial objectives

  •         Identification of Financial Problems
  •         Cashflow and Budget Management
  •         Tax Planning
  •         Risk Exposure Review
  •         Investment Management
  •         Education Funding
  •         Retirement Planning
  •         Estate Planning
  •         Charitable Goals
  •         Special Needs Planning
  •         Family Business Succession Issues
  •         Business Management Issues
  •         Business Planning
  •         Fringe Benefits
  •         Client Specific Issues

Timbuktu Capital Management, LLC’s compensation is solely from fees paid directly by clients.  The firm does not receive commission based on the client’s purchase of any financial products, including insurance.  No commissions in any form are accepted.  No referral fees are paid or accepted.  No benefits are received from custodians/broker-dealers based on the client securities transactions (“no soft-dollar benefits”).

Assets under the direct management of Timbuktu Capital Management, LLC are held by independent custodians, including TD Ameritrade, TIAA-CREF, Vanguard, Fidelity, Schwab, or others, in the client’s name.  Timbuktu Capital Management, LLC does not act as custodian of client’s assets, although we may at times be considered by the regulatory agencies to technically have “custody” over certain types of accounts held at independent custodians.

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