Economic Value

  • Improved Top Line

Our goal is to improve the performance of your portfolio in the long run.   We perform a time-series analysis to capture the trend of the assets and to see how the assets perform over time.  It is not our strategy to constantly swap in and out of the assets for the short-term gain. We focus on the long-term value of asset allocation, reduced investment cost, and closeness to our clients to deliver improved top of the line performance.

  • Cost Reductions

We adopted the indexed fund portfolio since 2005 when they were not yet popular.  Our focus has always been on reducing cost. That is why for most of the Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) we invest in for our clients are from Vanguard, which is the pioneer of low cost investing in the World.


  • Product Quality

Since we do not receive any commissions from any of the platforms or providers that we use.  Thus, our selection process for providers are fair and unbiased. We strive to find the best quality products for our clients.  Whether it is insurance products, funds, mortgage rates, legal or estate advice, we shop around for our clients and use our 40-years of combined experiences to determine the products that are best for our clients.

  • Scalability 

We partner with TD Ameritrade, which custodies over 1.2 trillion dollars in assets.   We also use other brokerage companies such as Fidelity, Schwab, and TIAA Cref to custody and manage our clients’ assets.  Software, such as Blueleaf, is used for performance reporting and allows us to scale and manage accounts of any size. We also collaborate with other advisors to manage complex financial situations when necessary.

  • Innovation

Our focus is to help our clients discover new tools to reach their goals.  We are always ready to embrace technology for the sake of improving our processes and delivering superior service to our clients.