Financial Planning

When we build a financial plan we focus on what is best for you. We do not accept a commission but charge a flat fee so that your interest and ours are aligned. We will take a broad look at your overall financial health and bring in experts if necessary to help you achieve your goals. We will look at the following wealth management issues in details for you and remain your advocate throughout the process. The 10 wealth management issues we focus on are:


  • Reallocate your resources to help you achieve your life goals
  • Build an investment strategy that is tailored to your needs
  • Develop a disciplined re-balancing process


  • Develop ways to protect you, your loved ones, and your accumulated wealth
  • Build strategies to help you save money through taxes while accumulating wealth
  • Identify your estate liquidity needs other than your taxable estate


  • Evaluate your current and future cash flow and manage your liabilities needs
  • Develop a strategy that maximize your benefits regarding debt repayment
  • Find alternative structures for your complex lending needs

Qualified Retirement Plan/IRA Distributions

  • Exploit ways that qualified plans can help you decrease your taxes
  • Review your needs for a broader retirement planning to guarantee the lifestyle of your choice
  • Help you designate beneficiaries for your QRP/IRA

Corporate Executive Stock Options

  • Evaluate the challenges associated with your stock or options positions
  • Reassess preference items for alternative minimum tax
  • Review of holdings in non-traditional assets (restricted stocks, pre-IPO, stock options, etc)

Business Succession Planning

  • Review needs and tax consequences that should adjust to transition, inheritance, valuation or sale of business
  • Create alternatives to minimize your capital gain taxes during sales or transfer

Durable Power of Attorney Issues

  • Recommending a durable power of attorney to formalize authority for your health and estate decisions
  • Educate and familiarize family members with these decisions and their responsibilities.

Gifting to Descendants During Life & Distribution Plan for Wealth at Death

  • Review need for wealth transfer and gifting strategies
  • Set up a trust or other wealth transition plan to better handle your gifting programs
  • Develop strategies to lessen taxes when transferring your estate
  • Build necessary controls to maintain, protect and distribute your wealth

Charitable Gifting

  • Build charitable gifting strategies to help you maintain a legacy of giving
  • Offer financial management of assets of your charitable entities
  • Pinpoint objectives for philanthropic giving and guiding your descendants’ involvement

Titling of Assets & Executor/Successor Trustee Issues

  • Title your assets adequately to have better advantages in terms of taxes
  • Set up trustees who will defend your wishes, manage your affairs and handle sensitive family issues

Financial Planning Process

Our process for building your financial plan will consist of six steps:

1) Establishing a Client-Planner relationship with you
2) Gathering data and determining your goals and expectations
3) Determining your financial status
4) Developing and presenting your personalized Financial Plan
5) Implementing together your clear Financial Plan
6) Monitoring the Financial Plan on a regular basis