Timbuktu Capital Management, LLC offers a full spectrum of financial services for investors, large and small, who require expert personal attention to their financial and investment plans.  We pride ourselves on giving the same intensity of attention to the investment and financial requirements of all of our clients.



Asset Management

We look for the most cost-efficient investment options based on our analysis of your financial situation, goals, and current economic trends.  We can help you decide what types of accounts -brokerage, retirement, college savings – would be most suitable for you.

We conduct a global analysis of:


  • Interest Rates
  • Inflation
  • Currency Exchange Rates
  • Risk/Return
  • Global Economic Trends


We also conduct an industry analysis, including:
  • Growth prospects
  • Barriers to entry
  • Current industry trends


Financial Planning

Financial planning encompasses many aspects of a person’s financial life.  Our approach is conservative, focusing on preservation of capital, while seeking means for maximizing return.  In brief, the following steps characterize our system of financial planning.

Collect Information

Timbuktu Capital Management, LLC begins with an individual analysis of your financial situation, which includes identifying your:

  • Assets and Liabilities
  • Income Stream
  • Expenses
  • Cash Flows
  • Income Statement
  • Summary encapsulated in a balance sheet
Analyze Information

We analyze your personal financial situation and goals.  This is a detailed examination of all relevant fiscal information, including:

  • Debt
  • Income
  • Long Term Goals
  • Long Term Prospects
Review and Research Alternatives

This phase includes:

  • Review all information collected
  • Create framework of your investment goals
  • Investigate the appropriate investment options
Present Our Solutions

In recapping your investment options, we:

  • Organize all of your investment information
  • Present it to you in a comprehensive and comprehendible way
  • Allow you to make the most informed decision with confidence
Develop and Execute Action Plan

To develop the best plan possible, we:

  • Review your decision
  • Use your decision to guide us in the development of your financial plan
  • Present the action plan to you
  • Revisit iteratively
  • Develop a final plan that supports your goals
Review and Monitor Results

And that’s just the beginning.  This is an ongoing collaboration.  Once we implement your approved investment plan, we:

  • Report results at agreeable intervals
  • Conduct reviews of investment decisions, when necessary
  • Stay in touch


Business Consulting

When you consult with us, we apply the same rigor of investment management to your business.  We work with business owners to help them identify, anticipate, and solve their problems using the same process as we would for a individual or an institution seeking a financial plan.  The steps are as follow:

  • Collect Information
  • Analyze Information
  • Review and Research Issues
  • Present Our Solutions
  • Develop and Execute Action Plan
  • Review and Monitor Results
  • Repeat the process (if necessary)

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