Timbuktu Capital Management, LLC provides financial planning and investment management to individuals, families and their related entities, trusts and estates, and family businesses.  Timbuktu Capital Management, LLC works with clients to define financial objectives and to develop strategies for reaching these objectives, some of which may include: identification of financial problems, cash flow and budget management, tax planning, risk exposure review, investment management, education funding, retirement planning, estate planning, charitable goals, special needs planning, family business succession issues, business management issues, business planning, fringe benefits, and/or other issues specific to the client.


Investment goals are not universal. Investment and financial management advice is not useful unless it takes into account the life stage of the investor.


Life Stages

Individuals and Families
Those with no obligations other than themselves have different financial plans from people with obligations.  Those without obligations for the well being of others are often young people at an early stage in their careers, or individuals who have opted to remain unattached.

Young Families
The breadwinners of young families typically have long term obligations that include the support and education of children.  These investors typically have a long time window in which to implement their investment strategy.

Approaching Retirement
People approaching retirement look at investment from a short-term perspective.  Preservation of capital is an appropriate focus for this group.  We seek to maximize income from investment while protecting capital.

During Retirement
The income stream of retirees is typically fixed.  For investors in this group, preservation of capital is the first goal.



Special Situation Clients

Timbuktu Capital Management, LLC counsels investors in special situations which include:

  • Owners of stock options: Executives and employees with stock options may face complicated tax situations.  We help our client navigate this unique situation with the help of tax specialists if needed.
  • Soccer (football) internationals: Athletes have a relatively short career as compared to other workers.  We help athletes, specially international soccer players from West Africa, develop plans to help them navigate their post professional years.
  • Expatriates in Africa: As US based financial company, we are uniquely position to help American expats in West Africa manage their financial affairs.
  • Immigrant clients: Immigrants often have financial responsibilities in the countries they come from.  They may desire to spend part of their retirement years in their country of origin.  This presents a set of challenges that we help our clients incorporate in their financial plan and investment strategy.