Life Events

Life events, planned and unplanned, can dramatically alter the circumstances in your life and, often, will require adjustments to current goals and plans. Joyful events like promotions, a new home purchase or the forthcoming birth of a new child are key moments that require a re-evaluation of your priorities so you can formulate new action plans and objectives. In a similar way less happy events like a divorce, the death of a spouse, the loss of a job or a health crisis also require thoughtful and careful responses to keep you on track with your objectives and priorities.

Your financial advisor will be invaluable in working with you to understand how your life event impacts your finances, goals and priorities. A review of your current assets, goals, and objectives will allow you and your advisor develop new goals and objectives that reflect the new circumstances you are facing. The goal is to turn a challenge into an opportunity or setting the stage for you to recover and grow from a setback.

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