1. Evaluation and Planning Phase:

This phase entails a thorough examination of your entire financial situation. We believe every client is unique and has a specific financial situation. We don't have a one-size-fits-all strategy. We take the time to learn about your individual circumstances in the categories below:

Determine your comfort zone relative to risk.

This step is a methodical assessment of your risk appetite. We employ scientific methods to determine your risk profile to appropriately assess the level of risk you are willing to accept. Investors frequently misread their risk appetite, resulting in reactionary decisions such as panic selling, rushing to buy, and so on, all of which result in deep losses

Analyze your existing assets and liabilities

We take into account all your existing assets and liabilities in the financial plan. This assists in highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the current scenario. It also aids asset consolidation by removing non-productive assets.

Determine and analyze your emotional biases relative to money

Investors often have some prejudices in regards to their finances.

Examine net worth and expected projections.

Our mission is to help you achieve your financial objectives. We do this by assessing your current New Worth as well as the expected growth in the future. Then we try to find solutions to increase your Net Worth over long term.

Examine cash-flows and expected projections.

Cash is King! Cash flow is the amount of money you have at the end of the year after all the expenses. We assist in assessing your predicted cash flows and incorporating that data into our financial model.

Determine financial goals using data-driven approach.

This stage is using our systematic procedure to determine all of your financial objectives. Given factors such as cultural origins, activities, and lifestyles, each individual has unique goals. We are pleased to have worked with a multicultural clientele and to be acquainted with their unique needs and challenges.

Prioritize financial goals as per your family requirements.

We assist you in prioritizing your goals when we have gained a thorough understanding of your financial objectives. This allows us to set aside funds for certain objectives and ensure that they are met on schedule.

Assess goal affordability at the current scenario.

This step aids in evaluating the present condition in relation to the desired goals. This allows us to create a timeline for each of your specific goals.

Review and recommendation of existing or new life insurance products

We provide a precise plan and structure for your investments after defining and prioritizing your financial goals.

Review and recommendation of existing or new health insurance

Insurance is a requirement, and it is factored into our financial planning. Finding the correct form of insurance for your specific needs is critical. We assist you in evaluating your current or new life insurance product without bias. We do not receive any compensation or remuneration for recommending insurance for you, as per our licenses and company policy. This way, you can rest assured that you're getting an honest counsel.

Review and analysis of existing credit card charges, bank accounts, and any other financial instruments

 We can assist you in evaluating your health insurance coverage, whether they are provided by your employer or purchased separately. For any revisions to the strategy that are required, we give fair recommendations.

Review and analysis of existing trust plans, estate plans, and legacy plans.

Basic instruments such as credit cards can sometimes produce a large hole in your budget. We make certain that these instruments don't drain your bank account.

Review and analysis of existing real estate.

2. Implementation Phase:

After we've gained a thorough understanding of your financial condition, it's time to take steps to live a financially better life. Our goal is to make the process of achieving your objectives exciting, enjoyable, and painless. We create a systematic procedure just for you, discuss and review it with you, and then put it in place for you.




Assistance in removing unproductive assets.

It is very important to accumulate the right assets. We assist you to identify and consolidate your assets so that they are more visible and well managed.

Assistance in choosing suitable and cost-effective broker accounts.

We have synergistic partnerships with top brokers such as Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade We believe that transaction costs should be kept as low as feasible. Our clients can take advantage of the unique rates and tie-ups that we have negotiated. We do not, however, benefit financially from these brokerage services. You are free to work with any broker you prefer. We will help you transfer your funds.

Execution of transfer of funds and assets systematically.

After choosing the right broker for your requirements, we would help you systematically transfer the funds.

Customized Quant-based asset allocation.

We use advanced statistical tools to find the optimum Asset Allocation for your funds suiting your risk appetite. Your short- term and long-term goals are taken into consideration while doing this process.

Creating a detailed Investment Planning.

After allocating your assets, we detail out the exact funds and investments. We choose the funds, stocks, ETFs after extensive research and historical data. We do not receive any monetary compensation from the fund houses. We act only in our best client interest.

Analyzing various scenario on your portfolio for equiping with Good and Bad Times

We build your portfolio that works for both the bull and bear markets. Our goal is to help you reach yours. For this, we evaluate several economic scenarios and have a contingency plan in place for critical times.

Selection of low-cost ETFs and Mutual Funds to cater to your needs.

We believe in keeping investing costs and expenses to a minimum. We strive to identify well-performing low-cost ETFs and mutual funds for this purpose.

Changes of weight from sectors that are overvalued to sectors that are undervalued

We timely balance the weights from overvalued sectors to undervalued sectors. This way, we are assured that your funds are invested in the right industries at the right time.

Maximizing risk-adjusted returns.

Our overall strategy focuses on reducing risk while increasing rewards. We attempt to build alpha by making your portfolio's risk adjusted returns as high as possible. For this, we assess the risk associated with each asset and seek lower-risk alternatives whenever possible.

3. Maintenance & Update Phase:

Financial planning is a continuous activity, not a one-time event. Our goal is to assist you in building and accumulating wealth in a practical and long-term manner. Investing is a difficult task that necessitates expertise. While our team and I manage your investments, we would like you to stay informed about current events. This keeps us on the same page and enables you to get the most out of your investments.

Timely evaluation and prioritization of goals.

Life changes, and so would your financial plan! We make sure to keep your financial plan updated with every significant change in your life so that we are always working towards the correct goals.

Education on changes in economic conditions and action plans for that.

Every year, we make sure you have taken all the eligible deductions in your taxable income through your investments. We are strong believers in tax- efficient investment planning.

Assistance in minimizing mortgage rates.

The rate of interest on your mortgage can keep varying owing to the changes in Prime Rates. We help you make decisions on strategizing your payments in the most beneficial way.

Timely Update in asset allocation

We make the necessary changes in the Asset Allocation in different asset classes considering the economic changes and the timeline of your goals.

Timely changes in investments

We keep your investments updated. We do the research the specific funds and always try to maximize the risk-adjusted returns on your portfolio.

Changes in weights from sectors that are overvalued to sectors that are undervalued.

Due to changes in economic and political situations, some industries are overvalued and some are undervalued. We shift the weight of your investments from overvalued sectors to undervalued sectors.